Laredo Professional Magazines
3 Magazines, 1 Vision



Laredo Professional Magazines will be relaunching in December 2019. We are building momentum in the community by meeting business owners, organization leaders, community members and just about anybody who will value our publication.

Our magazines will be available in both print and digital versions both free of charge to the public. Our distribution is proactive and and direct, and will ensure the magazines reach our target readership. 
Laredo Professional - Business & Economic Development Magazine 

Our Business publication focuses on our leadership, opportunities, entrepreneurs and the wealth of knowledge they have to offer. ​​​​​​
Laredo Professional - Health & Medical Magazine

Our Medical publication focuses on our thriving medical community. We offer physician and medical professional profiles, industry changes, medical leadership, and educational opportunities.​​​​​
Laredo Monthly Magazine

Our sister publication, which will launch in 2020, will focus on Laredo's unique community, culture and lifestyle. ​​​​​​
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